ironic.drivers.generic module

Generic hardware types.

class ironic.drivers.generic.GenericHardware[source]

Bases: AbstractHardwareType

Abstract base class representing generic hardware.

This class provides reasonable defaults for all of the interfaces.

property supported_boot_interfaces

List of supported boot interfaces.

property supported_deploy_interfaces

List of supported deploy interfaces.

property supported_firmware_interfaces

List of supported firmware interfaces.

property supported_inspect_interfaces

List of supported inspect interfaces.

property supported_network_interfaces

List of supported network interfaces.

property supported_raid_interfaces

List of supported raid interfaces.

property supported_rescue_interfaces

List of supported rescue interfaces.

property supported_storage_interfaces

List of supported storage interfaces.

class ironic.drivers.generic.ManualManagementHardware[source]

Bases: GenericHardware

Hardware type that uses manual power and boot management.

Using this hardware type assumes that an operator manages reboot and setting boot devices manually. This hardware type should only be used when no suitable hardware type exists in ironic, or the existing hardware type misbehaves for any reason.

property supported_management_interfaces

List of supported management interfaces.

property supported_power_interfaces

List of supported power interfaces.

property supported_vendor_interfaces

List of supported vendor interfaces.