ironic.drivers.hardware_type module

Abstract base class for all hardware types.

class ironic.drivers.hardware_type.AbstractHardwareType[source]

Bases: object

Abstract base class for all hardware types.

Hardware type is a family of hardware supporting the same set of interfaces from the ironic standpoint. This can be as wide as all hardware supporting the IPMI protocol or as narrow as several hardware models supporting some specific interfaces.

A hardware type defines an ordered list of supported implementations for each driver interface (power, deploy, etc).


Get the properties of the hardware type.

Note that this returns properties for the default interface of each type, for this hardware type. Since this is not node-aware, interface overrides can’t be detected.


dictionary of <property name>:<property description> entries.

supported = True

Whether hardware is supported by the community.

property supported_bios_interfaces

List of supported bios interfaces.

abstract property supported_boot_interfaces

List of supported boot interfaces.

property supported_console_interfaces

List of supported console interfaces.

abstract property supported_deploy_interfaces

List of supported deploy interfaces.

property supported_firmware_interfaces

List of supported firmware interfaces.

property supported_inspect_interfaces

List of supported inspect interfaces.

abstract property supported_management_interfaces

List of supported management interfaces.

property supported_network_interfaces

List of supported network interfaces.

abstract property supported_power_interfaces

List of supported power interfaces.

property supported_raid_interfaces

List of supported raid interfaces.

property supported_rescue_interfaces

List of supported rescue interfaces.

property supported_storage_interfaces

List of supported storage interfaces.

property supported_vendor_interfaces

List of supported vendor interfaces.