ironic.drivers.irmc module

iRMC Driver for managing FUJITSU PRIMERGY BX S4 or RX S8 generation of FUJITSU PRIMERGY servers, and above servers.

class ironic.drivers.irmc.IRMCHardware[source]

Bases: GenericHardware

iRMC hardware type.

iRMC hardware type is targeted for FUJITSU PRIMERGY servers which have iRMC S4 management system.

property supported_bios_interfaces

List of supported bios interfaces.

property supported_boot_interfaces

List of supported boot interfaces.

property supported_console_interfaces

List of supported console interfaces.

property supported_inspect_interfaces

List of supported inspect interfaces.

property supported_management_interfaces

List of supported management interfaces.

property supported_power_interfaces

List of supported power interfaces.

property supported_raid_interfaces

List of supported raid interfaces.

property supported_vendor_interfaces

List of supported vendor interfaces.