Bug Deputy Guide

Ironic has a rotating bug deputy role with assigned responsibilities around ensuring recurring project maintenance occurs, with a specific focus on bug triage.

It is the intent that the time commitment of an upstream bug deputy be no more than two to four hours a week on average.


Typically, a bug deputy will serve for a one week period, with the Ironic meeting marking the beginning and end of the term.

A bug deputy schedule will be built at the beginning of the OpenStack release cycle and populated by project volunteers. Contributors can select weeks to volunteer for stints as bug deputy.

If there are insufficient volunteers, to cover a majority of weeks, the bug deputy program will be cancelled.


Bug Triage

Triage bugs opened in any Ironic project.

All Ironic project bugtrackers, filtered and sorted for triage:

Bug Bash

A bug bash is an informal, synchronous meeting to triage bugs. A bug deputy runs one per week at a time and in a format convenient for them.

The selected time and venue for this should be announced on the mailing list and at the Ironic meeting when the bug deputy position is handed over.


Bug bashes may be discontinued when the backlog of old, untriaged bugs have been worked through.

Review Periodic Stable CI Jobs

The bug deputy is responsible for reviewing the periodic stable CI jobs once during their week and notifying the community if one fails for a new, non-random reason. The bug deputy should also be prepared to help debug the issue, but is ultimately only responsible for documenting it.

As of this writing, no other projects under Ironic governance run periodic jobs.

Weekly Report

Once a week, at the end of the bug deputy’s term, they should deliver a report to the Ironic meeting and the mailing list. This report should include any concerning bugs or CI breakages, as well as any other issues that the bug deputy feels the community needs to know about.

For contributors who do not wish to attend the weekly meeting, a small written report in the meeting agenda is sufficient.