Bare Metal Community

This document provides information on how to reach out to the community for questions, bug reports or new code contributions.

Asking Questions

There are two many venues where all discussions happen: IRC and mailing lists.

Internet Relay Chat ‘IRC’

Daily contributor discussions take place on IRC in the #openstack-ironic channel on the OFTC IRC network. Please feel free to connect to ircs:// and join our channel!

Note that while we have community members from everywhere in the world, we’re the most active from roughly 6am to 12am. If you don’t get an answer to your question, try the Mailing list.

Additional information on getting connected can be found in the OpenStack community contribution guide.

Mailing list

We use the openstack-discuss mailing list for asynchronous communications and longer discussions. Navigate to to subscribe or view the archives.

When sending a message please prefix the Subject line with [ironic] so that we don’t miss it.

Reporting Bugs


Most of the tools used for OpenStack require a Launchpad ID for authentication. Ironic previously used to track work on Launchpad, but we have not done so since migrating to Storyboard.


The ironic project moved from Launchpad to StoryBoard for work and task tracking. This provides an aggregate view called a “Project Group” and individual “Projects”. A good starting place is the project group representing the whole of the ironic community, as opposed to the ironic project storyboard which represents ironic as a repository.

See Bug Reporting and Triaging Guide for more details on how we track bugs.

Contributing Code

See also