Infra VM Administration

Deprovisioning Infrastructure VMs


This step will destroy the infrastructure VMs and associated data volumes. Make sure you backup any data you want to keep.

To deprovision all VMs:

(kayobe) $ kayobe infra vm deprovision

This can be limited to a subset of the nodes using the --limit option:

(kayobe) $ kayobe infra vm deprovision --limit example-vm-1

Updating Packages

It is possible to update packages on the infrastructure VMs.

Package Repositories

If using custom DNF package repositories on CentOS or Rocky, it may be necessary to update these prior to running a package update. To do this, update the configuration in ${KAYOBE_CONFIG_PATH}/dnf.yml and run the following command:

(kayobe) $ kayobe infra vm host configure --tags dnf

Package Update

To update one or more packages:

(kayobe) $ kayobe infra vm host package update --packages <package1>,<package2>

To update all eligible packages, use *, escaping if necessary:

(kayobe) $ kayobe infra vm host package update --packages "*"

To only install updates that have been marked security related:

(kayobe) $ kayobe infra vm host package update --packages "*" --security

Note that these commands do not affect packages installed in containers, only those installed on the host.

Kernel Updates

If the kernel has been updated, you will probably want to reboot the host to boot into the new kernel. This can be done using a command such as the following:

(kayobe) $ kayobe infra vm host command run --command "shutdown -r" --become

Running Commands

It is possible to run a command on the host:

(kayobe) $ kayobe infra vm host command run --command "<command>"

For example:

(kayobe) $ kayobe infra vm host command run --command "service docker restart"

Commands can also be run on the seed hypervisor host, if one is in use:

(kayobe) $ kayobe seed hypervisor host command run --command "<command>"

To execute the command with root privileges, add the --become argument. Adding the --verbose argument allows the output of the command to be seen.