URL safe naming of projects and domains

URL safe naming of projects and domains

In the future, keystone may offer the ability to identify a project in a hierarchy via a URL style of naming from the root of the hierarchy (for example specifying ‘projectA/projectB/projectC’ as the project name in an authentication request). In order to prepare for this, keystone supports the optional ability to ensure both projects and domains are named without including any of the reserved characters specified in section 2.2 of rfc3986.

The safety of the names of projects and domains can be controlled via two configuration options:

project_name_url_safe = off
domain_name_url_safe = off

When set to off (which is the default), no checking is done on the URL safeness of names. When set to new, an attempt to create a new project or domain with an unsafe name (or update the name of a project or domain to be unsafe) will cause a status code of 400 (Bad Request) to be returned. Setting the configuration option to strict will, in addition to preventing the creation and updating of entities with unsafe names, cause an authentication attempt which specifies a project or domain name that is unsafe to return a status code of 401 (Unauthorized).

It is recommended that installations take the steps necessary to where they can run with both options set to strict as soon as is practical.

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