Migrating from keystoneclient

When keystoneauth was extracted from keystoneclient the basic usage of the session, adapter and auth plugins purposefully did not change. If you are using them in a supported fashion from keystoneclient then the transition should be fairly simple.

Authentication Plugins

The authentication plugins themselves changed very little however there were changes to the way plugins are loaded and some of the supporting classes.

Plugin Loading

In keystoneclient auth plugin loading is managed by the class itself. This method proved useful in allowing the plugin to control the way it was loaded however it linked the authentication logic with the config and CLI loading.

In keystoneauth this has been severed and the auth plugin is handled separately from the mechanism that loads it.

Authentication plugins still implement the base authentication class BaseAuthPlugin. To make the plugins capable of being loaded from CLI or CONF file you should implement the base BaseLoader class which is loaded when –os-auth-type is used. This class handles the options that are presented, and then constructs the authentication plugin for use by the application.

Largely the options that are returned will be the same as what was used in keystoneclient however in keystoneclient the options used oslo_config.cfg.Opt objects. Due to trying to keep minimal dependencies there is no direct dependency from keystoneauth on oslo.config and instead options should be specified as Opt objects.

To ensure distinction between the plugins, the setuptools entrypoints that plugins register at has been updated to reflect keystoneauth1 and should now be: keystoneauth1.plugin

AccessInfo Objects

AccessInfo objects are a representation of the information stored within a token. In keystoneclient these objects were dictionaries of the token data with property accessors. In keystoneauth the dictionary interface has been removed and just the property accessors are available.

The creation function has also changed. The keystoneclient.access.AccessInfo.factory() method has been removed and replaced with the keystoneauth1.access.create().

Step-by-step migration example

Add keystoneauth1 to requirements.txt

In the code do the following change:

-from keystoneclient import auth
+from keystoneauth1 import plugin



To import service catalog:

-from keystoneclient import service_catalog
+from keystoneauth1.access import service_catalog

To get url using service catalog endpoint_type parameter was changed to interface:

-service_catalog.ServiceCatalogV2(sc).service_catalog.url_for(..., endpoint_type=interface)
+service_catalog.ServiceCatalogV2(sc).service_catalog.url_for(..., interface=interface)

Obtaining the session:

-from keystoneclient import session
+from keystoneauth1 import loading as ks_loading

-_SESSION = session.Session.load_from_conf_options(
-auth_plugin = auth.load_from_conf_options(conf, NEUTRON_GROUP)
+_SESSION = ks_loading.load_session_from_conf_options(
+auth_plugin = ks_loading.load_auth_from_conf_options(conf, NEUTRON_GROUP)

Mocking session for test purposes:


Token fixture imports haven’t change much:

-from keystoneclient.fixture import V2Token
+from keystoneauth1.fixture import V2Token