keystoneauth1.extras.kerberos package

keystoneauth1.extras.kerberos package

Module contents

Kerberos authentication plugins.


This module requires installation of an extra package (requests_kerberos) not installed by default. Without the extra package an import error will occur. The extra package can be installed using:

$ pip install keystoneauth1[kerberos]
class keystoneauth1.extras.kerberos.Kerberos(auth_url, *args, **kwargs)

Bases: keystoneauth1.identity.v3.base.AuthConstructor

class keystoneauth1.extras.kerberos.KerberosMethod(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: keystoneauth1.identity.v3.base.AuthMethod

get_auth_data(session, auth, headers, request_kwargs, **kwargs)

Return the authentication section of an auth plugin.

  • session (keystoneauth1.session.Session) – The communication session.
  • auth (base.Auth) – The auth plugin calling the method.
  • headers (dict) – The headers that will be sent with the auth request if a plugin needs to add to them.

The identifier of this plugin and a dict of authentication data for the auth type.

Return type:

tuple(string, dict)

class keystoneauth1.extras.kerberos.MappedKerberos(auth_url, identity_provider, protocol, mutual_auth=None, **kwargs)

Bases: keystoneauth1.identity.v3.federation.FederationBaseAuth

Authenticate using Kerberos via the keystone federation mechanisms.

This uses the OS-FEDERATION extension to gain an unscoped token and then use the standard keystone auth process to scope that to any given project.

get_unscoped_auth_ref(session, **kwargs)

Fetch unscoped federated token.

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