keystoneauth1.extras.oauth1 package

keystoneauth1.extras.oauth1 package


keystoneauth1.extras.oauth1.v3 module

Oauth authentication plugins.


This module requires installation of an extra package (oauthlib) not installed by default. Without the extra package an import error will occur. The extra package can be installed using:

$ pip install keystoneauth['oauth1']
class keystoneauth1.extras.oauth1.v3.OAuth1Method(**kwargs)

Bases: keystoneauth1.identity.v3.base.AuthMethod

OAuth based authentication method.

  • consumer_key (string) – Consumer key.
  • consumer_secret (string) – Consumer secret.
  • access_key (string) – Access token key.
  • access_secret (string) – Access token secret.
get_auth_data(session, auth, headers, **kwargs)

Return the authentication section of an auth plugin.

  • session (keystoneauth1.session.Session) – The communication session.
  • auth (base.Auth) – The auth plugin calling the method.
  • headers (dict) – The headers that will be sent with the auth request if a plugin needs to add to them.

The identifier of this plugin and a dict of authentication data for the auth type.

Return type:

tuple(string, dict)


Get the elements for this auth method that make it unique.

These elements will be used as part of the keystoneauth1.plugin.BaseIdentityPlugin.get_cache_id() to allow caching of the auth plugin.

Plugins should override this if they want to allow caching of their state.

To avoid collision or overrides the keys of the returned dictionary should be prefixed with the plugin identifier. For example the password plugin returns its username value as ‘password_username’.

class keystoneauth1.extras.oauth1.v3.OAuth1(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: keystoneauth1.identity.v3.base.AuthConstructor

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alias of keystoneauth1.extras.oauth1.v3.OAuth1Method


alias of keystoneauth1.extras.oauth1.v3.OAuth1

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