Nova-HyperV in Kolla

Nova-HyperV in Kolla


Currently, Kolla can deploy the following OpenStack services for Hyper-V:

  • nova-compute
  • neutron-hyperv-agent
  • wsgate

It is possible to use Hyper-V as a compute node within an OpenStack Deployment. The nova-compute service runs as openstack-compute, a 64-bit service directly upon the Windows platform with the Hyper-V role enabled. The necessary Python components as well as the nova-compute service are installed directly onto the Windows platform. Windows Clustering Services are not needed for functionality within the OpenStack infrastructure.

The wsgate is the FreeRDP-WebConnect service that is used for accessing virtual machines from Horizon web interface.


HyperV services are not currently deployed as containers. This functionality is in development. The current implementation installs OpenStack services via MSIs.


HyperV services do not currently support outside the box upgrades. Manual upgrades are required for this process. MSI release versions can be found here. To upgrade an existing MSI to a newer version, simply uninstall the current MSI and install the newer one. This will not delete the configuration files. To preserve the configuration files, check the Skip configuration checkbox during installation.

Preparation for Hyper-V node

Ansible communicates with Hyper-V host via WinRM protocol. An HTTPS WinRM listener needs to be configured on the Hyper-V host, which can be easily created with this PowerShell script.

A virtual switch has to be created with which Hyper-V virtual machines communicate with OpenStack. To quickly enable an interface to be used as a Virtual Interface the following PowerShell may be used:

PS C:\> $if = Get-NetIPAddress -IPAddress 192* | Get-NetIPInterface
PS C:\> New-VMSwitch -NetAdapterName $if.ifAlias -Name YOUR_BRIDGE_NAME -AllowManagementOS $false


It is very important to make sure that when you are using a Hyper-V node with only 1 NIC the -AllowManagementOS option is set on True, otherwise you will lose connectivity to the Hyper-V node.

To prepare the Hyper-V node to be able to attach to volumes provided by cinder you must first make sure the Windows iSCSI initiator service is running and started automatically.

PS C:\> Set-Service -Name MSiSCSI -StartupType Automatic
PS C:\> Start-Service MSiSCSI

Preparation for Kolla deployer node

Hyper-V role is required, enable it in /etc/kolla/globals.yml:

enable_hyperv: "yes"

Hyper-V options are also required in /etc/kolla/globals.yml:

hyperv_username: <HyperV username>
hyperv_password: <HyperV password>
vswitch_name: <HyperV virtual switch name>
nova_msi_url: ""

If tenant networks are to be built using VLAN add corresponding type in /etc/kolla/globals.yml:

neutron_tenant_network_types: 'flat,vlan'

The virtual switch is the same one created on the HyperV setup part. For nova_msi_url, different Nova MSI (Mitaka/Newton/Ocata) versions can be found on Cloudbase website.

Add the Hyper-V node in ansible/inventory file:

<HyperV IP>

ansible_user=<HyperV user>
ansible_password=<HyperV password>

pywinrm package needs to be installed in order for Ansible to work on the HyperV node:

pip install "pywinrm>=0.2.2"


In case of a test deployment with controller and compute nodes as virtual machines on Hyper-V, if VLAN tenant networking is used, trunk mode has to be enabled on the VMs:

Set-VMNetworkAdapterVlan -Trunk -AllowedVlanIdList <VLAN ID> -NativeVlanId 0 <VM name>

networking-hyperv mechanism driver is needed for neutron-server to communicate with HyperV nova-compute. This can be built with source images by default. Manually it can be intalled in neutron-server container with pip:

pip install "networking-hyperv>=4.0.0"

For neutron_extension_drivers, port_security and qos are currently supported by the networking-hyperv mechanism driver. By default only port_security is set.

Verify Operations

OpenStack HyperV services can be inspected and managed from PowerShell:

PS C:\> Get-Service nova-compute
PS C:\> Get-Service neutron-hyperv-agent
PS C:\> Restart-Service nova-compute
PS C:\> Restart-Service neutron-hyperv-agent

For more information on OpenStack HyperV, see Hyper-V virtualization platform.

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