Kuryr in Kolla

Kuryr in Kolla

“Kuryr is a Docker network plugin that uses Neutron to provide networking services to Docker containers. It provides containerized images for the common Neutron plugins. Kuryr requires at least Keystone and neutron. Kolla makes kuryr deployment faster and accessible.


  • A minimum of 3 hosts for a vanilla deploy

Preparation and Deployment

To allow Docker daemon connect to the etcd, add the following in the docker.service file.

ExecStart= -H tcp:// -H unix:///var/run/docker.sock --cluster-store=etcd:// --cluster-advertise=

The IP address is host running the etcd service. `2375` is port that allows Docker daemon to be accessed remotely. `2379` is the etcd listening port.

By default etcd and kuryr are disabled in the group_vars/all.yml. In order to enable them, you need to edit the file globals.yml and set the following variables

enable_etcd: "yes"
enable_kuryr: "yes"

Deploy the OpenStack cloud and kuryr network plugin

kolla-ansible deploy

Create a Virtual Network

docker network create -d kuryr --ipam-driver=kuryr --subnet= --gateway= docker-net1

To list the created network:

docker network ls

The created network is also available from OpenStack CLI:

openstack network list

For more information about how kuryr works, see kuryr (OpenStack Containers Networking).

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