Code Reviews

All Kolla code must be reviewed and approved before it can be merged. Anyone with a Gerrit account is able to provide a review. Two labels are available to everyone:

  • +1: Approve

  • -1: Changes requested

It is also possible to leave comments without a label. In general, a review with comments is more valuable. Comments are especially important for a negative review. Prefer quality of reviews over quantity.

You can watch specific patches in Gerrit via Settings -> Watched Projects. The volume of emails is not too large if you subscribe to New Changes only. If you do not have much time available for reviewing, consider reviewing patches in an area that is important to you or that you understand well.

Core reviewers

Core reviewers have additional labels available to them.

  • +2: Approve

  • -2: Do not merge

  • Workflow +1: Approve and ready for merge

Zuul requires one +2 and one workflow +1, as well as a passing check, in order for a patch to proceed to the gate. The Kolla team generally requires two +2s before a workflow +1 may be added. We also have some non-voting Zuul jobs which will not block a check, but should be investigated if they are failing.

Core reviewers may still use +1 to indicate approval if they are not confident enough about a particular patch to use +2.

The Kolla core reviewers have the same rights of access to stable branches, so always check the branch for a review, and use extra care with stable branches.

Becoming a core reviewer

There are no strict rules for becoming a core reviewer. Join the community, review some patches, and demonstrate responsibility, understanding & care. If you are interested in joining the core team, ask the PTL or another core reviewer how to get there.