PTL Guide

This is just a reference guide that a PTL may use as an aid, if they choose. It is meant to complement the official PTL guide, and is laid out in rough chronological order.

Some or all of these tasks may be delegated to other team members.


Open Infrastructure Summit

Ideally the Kolla PTL will be able to attend the summit. If not, try to arrange for another member of the core team to represent the team. Good interaction with the community at these events is crucial to encourage upstream involvement, onboard new users, collect feedback and for the perceived health of the project.

  • Create a summit planning etherpad and alert about it in the kolla IRC meeting and openstack-discuss mailing list

  • Gather ideas for forum sessions

    • Example: user feedback & roadmap, design sessions

  • Prepare the project update presentation. Enlist help of others

  • Prepare the on-boarding session materials. Enlist help of others

  • Represent and promote the project while at the summit

Project Team Gathering (PTG)

Some of the Kolla team may decide to meet in person at the Project Team Gathering (PTG). Alternatively, they may decide to host a virtual PTG at a different time if there is not a critical mass of contributors attending the PTG.

  • Create PTG planning etherpad and alert about it in the kolla IRC meeting and openstack-discuss mailing list

  • Run sessions at the PTG

  • Have a discussion about priorities for the upcoming release cycle at the PTG

  • Sign up for group photo at the PTG (if applicable)

  • Standard PTG topics:

    • Required distribution upgrades (e.g. new Ubuntu LTS release)

    • Ansible version bump

    • Infrastructure services/packages updates (e.g. RabbitMQ/Erlang upgrades)

    • Services that need to be deprecated/removed (e.g. unmaintained projects)

After Summit & PTG

  • Send session summaries to the openstack-discuss mailing list

  • Update the Kolla whiteboard with decided priorities for the upcoming release cycle

Day to Day

  • Subscribe to the kolla projects on Launchpad to receive all bug and blueprint updates.

  • Triage new bugs

  • Monitor the status of the CI system for all supported branches. Fix issues that break the gate

  • Chair the IRC meetings

  • Be available in IRC to help new and existing contributors

  • Keep track of the progress of cycle priorites

  • Monitor the core team membership, mentor potential cores

Release Management

  • Follow the project’s release management guide

  • Use the IRC meeting and/or mailing list to communicate release schedule to the team who might not be so famailiar with it

Handing Over

  • Support the new PTL in their new role. Try to remember the issues you encountered

  • Update this page with any useful information you have learned