So You Want to Contribute…

For general information on contributing to OpenStack, please check out the contributor guide to get started. It covers all the basics that are common to all OpenStack projects: the accounts you need, the basics of interacting with our Gerrit review system, how we communicate as a community, etc.

Below will cover the more project specific information you need to get started with kuryr-kubernetes.


The primary communication channel of kuryr-kubernetes team is #openstack-kuryr channel on IRC. For more formal inquiries you can use [kuryr] tag on openstack-discuss mailing list. kuryr-kubernetes team is not holding weekly meetings, but we have office hours every Monday at 15:00 UTC on our IRC channel.

Contacting the Core Team

Outside of office hours, kuryr-kubernetes team is available mostly in the CET working hours (7:00-17:00 UTC), as most of the team is located in Europe. Feel free to try pinging dulek, ltomasbo, maysams or gryf on IRC, we have bouncers set up so we’ll answer once online.

New Feature Planning

We don’t really follow a very detailed way of feature planning. If you want to implement a feature, come talk to us on IRC, create a blueprint on Launchpad and start coding! kuryr-kubernetes follows OpenStack release schedule pretty loosely as we’re more bound to Kubernetes release schedule. This means that we do not observe as hard deadlines as other projects.

Task Tracking

We track our tasks in Launchpad.

If you’re looking for some smaller, easier work item to pick up and get started on, search for the ‘low-hanging-fruit’ tag in either blueprints or bugs.

Reporting a Bug

You found an issue and want to make sure we are aware of it? You can do so on Launchpad. It won’t hurt to ping us about it on IRC too.

Getting Your Patch Merged

We follow the normal procedures, requiring two +2’s before approving the patch. Due to limited number of contributors we do not require that those +2’s are from reviewers working for separate businesses.

If your patch is stuck in review, please ping us on IRC as listed in sections above.

Project Team Lead Duties

All common PTL duties are enumerated in the PTL guide.

And additional PTL duty is to maintain kuryr images on Docker Hub.