Install and configure controller node

Install and configure controller node

This section describes how to install and configure kuryr-libnetwork on the controller node.


The installation steps for Ubuntu, openSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS are all the same.

  1. Source the admin credentials to gain access to admin-only CLI commands:

    $ . admin-openrc
  2. To create the service credentials, complete these steps:

    • Create the kuryr user:

      $ openstack user create --domain default --password-prompt kuryr
      User Password:
      Repeat User Password:
      | Field     | Value                            |
      | domain_id | e0353a670a9e496da891347c589539e9 |
      | enabled   | True                             |
      | id        | ca2e175b851943349be29a328cc5e360 |
      | name      | kuryr                            |
    • Add the admin role to the kuryr user:

      $ openstack role add --project service --user kuryr admin
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