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Tempest Integration of Kuryr


This project defines a tempest plugin containing tests used to verify the functionality of a kuryr installation. The plugin will automatically load these tests into tempest.

For more information about Kuryr see:

For more information about Kuryr-kubernetes see:

For more information about Tempest plugins see:


Clone this repository and call from the repo:

$ pip install -e .

Running the tests

To verify the functionality of Kuryr by running tests from this plugin; From the tempest repo, initialize stestr:

$ stestr init

Then, to run all the tests from this plugin, call:

$ tempest run -r 'kuryr_tempest_plugin.*'

To run a single test case, call with full path, for example:

$ tempest run -r 'kuryr_tempest_plugin.tests.scenario.test_cross_ping.TestCrossPingScenario.test_vm_pod_ping*'

To retrieve a list of all tempest tests, run:

$ tempest run -l

Scenario Tests