Target users

Cloud end users want to simply use applications as opposed to installing and managing them. Cloud administrators, in turn, would like to offer a well tested set of on demand self-service applications to dramatically reduce their support burden.

Murano solves the problems of both constituents. It enables cloud administrators to publish cloud-ready applications in an online catalog. Cloud end users can use the catalog to deploy these on demand applications, reliably and consistently, with a button click.

Cloud administrators

For cloud administrators Murano provides UI and API to easily compose, deploy, run applications, and manage their lifecycle.

Designed to be operating system independent, it can handle apps on all manner of the environments in the cloud, either Windows or Linux/Unix-based operating systems.

It can be used to pre-configure and deploy anything that can run in the cloud, from low-level networking services to end-user applications. By automating these ongoing cloud application management activities, Murano speeds up the deployment, even for complex distributed applications, without sacrificing simplicity of use.

Cloud end users

Murano catalog lets cloud end users choose from the available applications and services, and compose reliable distributed environments with an intuitive UI. Even users unfamiliar with cloud environments can easily deploy cloud-aware applications.

Murano masks cloud-infrastructure specifics from end users, letting them reliably compose and deploy applications in the cloud for the widest range of workloads and use cases without touching IaaS internals.