Use cases


An IT organization manages applications and controls the applications availability to different OpenStack cloud users in a simple and timesaving manner.

A cloud end user can easily find and deploy any available application from the catalog.

Self-service portal

An application developer and quality assurance engineer reduces efforts on testing an application for compatibility with other applications, databases, platforms, and other components it depends on, by configuring compound combinations of applications dynamically and deploying environments that satisfy all requirements within minutes.

Glue layer use case

A cloud end user is able to link an ever growing number of technologies to any application in an OpenStack cloud with a minimum cost due to the powerful Murano architecture.

Currently, Murano applications have been integrated with the following technologies: Docker, Legacy apps VMs or bare metal, apps outside of OpenStack, and others.

The following technologies are to become available in the future: Cloudify and TOSCA, Apache Brooklyn, and APS.