The nova.cells.state Module

CellState Manager

class CellState(cell_name, is_me=False)

Bases: object

Holds information for a particular cell.


Return subset of cell information for OS API use.


Send a message to a cell. Just forward this to the driver, passing ourselves and the message as arguments.


Update cell capabilities for a cell.


Update capacity information for a cell.


Update cell credentials from db.

class CellStateManager(cell_state_cls=None)

Bases: nova.db.base.Base

cell_get(*args, **kwargs)
get_capacities(*args, **kwargs)
get_cell_info_for_neighbors(*args, **kwargs)

Return cell information for all neighbor cells.

get_child_cell(*args, **kwargs)
get_child_cells(*args, **kwargs)

Return list of child cell_infos.

get_my_state(*args, **kwargs)

Return information for my (this) cell.

get_our_capabilities(*args, **kwargs)
get_our_capacities(*args, **kwargs)
get_parent_cell(*args, **kwargs)
get_parent_cells(*args, **kwargs)

Return list of parent cell_infos.

update_cell_capabilities(*args, **kwargs)

Update capabilities for a cell.

update_cell_capacities(*args, **kwargs)

Update capacities for a cell.

class CellStateManagerDB(cell_state_cls=None)

Bases: nova.cells.state.CellStateManager

cell_create(*args, **kwargs)
cell_delete(*args, **kwargs)
cell_update(*args, **kwargs)
class CellStateManagerFile(cell_state_cls=None)

Bases: nova.cells.state.CellStateManager

cell_create(ctxt, values)
cell_delete(ctxt, cell_name)
cell_update(ctxt, cell_name, values)

Use as a decorator to wrap methods that update cell information in the database to make sure the data is synchronized immediately.


Use as a decorator to wrap methods that use cell information to make sure they sync the latest information from the DB periodically.

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