The nova.cells.utils Module

Cells Utility Methods

class ComputeNodeProxy(obj, cell_path)

Bases: nova.cells.utils._CellProxy

class ProxyObjectSerializer

Bases: nova.objects.base.NovaObjectSerializer

class ServiceProxy(obj, cell_path)

Bases: nova.cells.utils._CellProxy

add_cell_to_compute_node(compute_node, cell_name)

Fix compute_node attributes that should be unique. Allows API cell to query the ‘id’ by cell@id.

add_cell_to_service(service, cell_name)

Fix service attributes that should be unique. Allows API cell to query the ‘id’ or ‘host’ by cell@id/host.

add_cell_to_task_log(task_log, cell_name)

Fix task_log attributes that should be unique. In particular, the ‘id’ and ‘host’ fields should be prepended with cell name.

cell_with_item(cell_name, item)

Turn cell_name and item into <cell_name>@<item>.

get_instances_to_sync(context, updated_since=None, project_id=None, deleted=True, shuffle=False, uuids_only=False)

Return a generator that will return a list of active and deleted instances to sync with parent cells. The list may optionally be shuffled for periodic updates so that multiple cells services aren’t self-healing the same instances in nearly lockstep.


Split a combined cell@item and return them.

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