The nova.virt.vmwareapi.images Module

Utility functions for Image transfer and manipulation.

class VMwareImage(image_id, file_size=0, os_type='otherGuest', adapter_type='lsiLogic', disk_type='preallocated', container_format='bare', file_type='vmdk', linked_clone=None, vif_model='e1000')

Bases: object

classmethod from_image(image_id, image_meta)

Returns VMwareImage, the subset of properties the driver uses.

:param image_id - image id of image :param image_meta - image metadata object we are working with :return: vmware image object :rtype: nova.virt.vmwareapi.images.VmwareImage

fetch_image(context, instance, host, port, dc_name, ds_name, file_path, cookies=None)

Download image from the glance image server.

fetch_image_ova(context, instance, session, vm_name, ds_name, vm_folder_ref, res_pool_ref)

Download the OVA image from the glance image server to the Nova compute node.

fetch_image_stream_optimized(context, instance, session, vm_name, ds_name, vm_folder_ref, res_pool_ref)

Fetch image from Glance to ESX datastore.


Parse the OVA descriptor to extract the vmdk name.

image_transfer(read_handle, write_handle)
upload_image_stream_optimized(context, image_id, instance, session, vm, vmdk_size)

Upload the snapshotted vm disk file to Glance image server.

upload_iso_to_datastore(iso_path, instance, **kwargs)

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