The nova.virt.vmwareapi.network_util Module

Utility functions for ESX Networking.

check_if_vlan_interface_exists(session, vlan_interface, cluster=None)

Checks if the vlan_interface exists on the esx host.

create_port_group(session, pg_name, vswitch_name, vlan_id=0, cluster=None)

Creates a port group on the host system with the vlan tags supplied. VLAN id 0 means no vlan id association.

get_network_with_the_name(session, network_name='vmnet0', cluster=None)

Gets reference to the network whose name is passed as the argument.

get_vlanid_and_vswitch_for_portgroup(session, pg_name, cluster=None)

Get the vlan id and vswitch associated with the port group.

get_vswitch_for_vlan_interface(session, vlan_interface, cluster=None)

Gets the vswitch associated with the physical network adapter with the name supplied.

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