The nova.vnc.xvp_proxy Module

Eventlet WSGI Services to proxy VNC for XCP protocol.

class SafeHttpProtocol(request, client_address, server)

Bases: eventlet.wsgi.HttpProtocol

HttpProtocol wrapper to suppress IOErrors.

The proxy code above always shuts down client connections, so we catch the IOError that raises when the SocketServer tries to flush the connection.

class XCPVNCProxy

Bases: object

Class to use the xvp auth protocol to proxy instance vnc consoles.

handshake(req, connect_info, sockets)

Execute hypervisor-specific vnc auth handshaking (if needed).

one_way_proxy(source, dest)

Proxy tcp connection from source to dest.

proxy_connection(req, connect_info, start_response)

Spawn bi-directional vnc proxy.


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