The nova.volume.cinder Module

Handles all requests relating to volumes + cinder.

class API

Bases: object

API for interacting with the volume manager.

attach(ctx, *args, **kwargs)
begin_detaching(ctx, *args, **kwargs)
check_attach(context, volume, instance=None)
check_attached(context, volume)
check_detach(context, volume, instance=None)
create(ctx, *args, **kwargs)
create_snapshot(ctx, *args, **kwargs)
create_snapshot_force(ctx, *args, **kwargs)
delete(ctx, *args, **kwargs)
delete_snapshot(ctx, *args, **kwargs)
detach(ctx, *args, **kwargs)
get(ctx, *args, **kwargs)
get_all(ctx, *args, **kwargs)
get_all_snapshots(ctx, *args, **kwargs)
get_snapshot(ctx, *args, **kwargs)
get_volume_encryption_metadata(ctx, *args, **kwargs)
initialize_connection(ctx, *args, **kwargs)
migrate_volume_completion(ctx, *args, **kwargs)
reserve_volume(ctx, *args, **kwargs)
roll_detaching(ctx, *args, **kwargs)
terminate_connection(ctx, *args, **kwargs)
unreserve_volume(ctx, *args, **kwargs)
update(ctx, *args, **kwargs)
update_snapshot_status(ctx, *args, **kwargs)

Testing method to reset globals.


Transforms a cinder exception but keeps its traceback intact.


Transforms the exception for the snapshot but keeps its traceback intact.


Transforms the exception for the volume but keeps its traceback intact.

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