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Add to existing deployment

Complete the following procedure to deploy swift on an existing deployment.

  1. The section called “Configure and mount storage devices”

  2. The section called “Configure an Object Storage deployment”

  3. Optionally, allow all keystone users to use swift by setting swift_allow_all_users in the user_variables.yml file to True. Any users with the member role (all authorized keystone users) can create containers and upload objects to swift.

    If this value is False, by default only users with the admin role or role set in swift_operator_role can create containers or manage tenants.

    When the backend type for the glance is set to swift, glance can access the swift cluster regardless of whether this value is True or False.

  4. Run the swift play:

    # cd /opt/openstack-ansible/playbooks
    # openstack-ansible os-swift-install.yml