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Integrate with the Image Service (glance)

As an option, you can create images in Image Service (glance) and store them using Object Storage (swift).

If there is an existing glance backend (for example, cloud files) but you want to add swift to use as the glance backend, you can re-add any images from glance after moving to swift. Images are no longer available if there is a change in the glance variables when you begin using swift.

Procedure 5.3. Integrating Object Storage with Image Service

This procedure requires the following:

  • Object Storage v2.2.0

  1. Update the glance options in the /etc/openstack_deploy/user_variables.yml file:

    # Glance Options
    glance_default_store: swift
    glance_swift_store_auth_address: '{{ keystone_service_internalurl }}'
    glance_swift_store_container: glance_images
    glance_swift_store_endpoint_type: internalURL
    glance_swift_store_key: '{{ glance_service_password }}'
    glance_swift_store_region: RegionOne
    glance_swift_store_user: 'service:glance'
    • glance_default_store: Set the default store to swift.

    • glance_swift_store_auth_address: Set to the local authentication address using the '{{ keystone_service_internalurl }}' variable.

    • glance_swift_store_container: Set the container name.

    • glance_swift_store_endpoint_type: Set the endpoint type to internalURL.

    • glance_swift_store_key: Set the glance password using the {{ glance_service_password }} variable.

    • glance_swift_store_region: Set the region. The default value is RegionOne.

    • glance_swift_store_user: Set the tenant and user name to 'service:glance'.

  2. Rerun the glance configuration plays.

  3. Run the glance playbook:

    # cd /opt/openstack-ansible/playbooks
    # openstack-ansible os-glance-install.yml --tags "glance-config"