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Compatibility Matrix

All of the OpenStack-Ansible releases are compatible with specific sets of operating systems and their versions. Operating Systems have their own lifecycles, however we may drop their support before end of their EOL because of various reasons:

  • OpenStack requires a higher version of a library (ie. libvirt)

  • Python version

  • specific dependencies

  • etc.

However, we do try to provide upgrade releases where we support both new and old Operating System versions, providing deployers the ability to properly upgrade their deployments to the new Operating System release.

In CI we test upgrades between releases only for source deployments. This also includes CI testing of upgrade path between SLURP releases.

Below you will find the support matrix of Operating Systems for OpenStack-Ansible releases.


Compatability matrix for legacy releases of OpenStack-Ansible can be found on this page: Compatibility Matrix of Legacy releases.

Operating systems with experimental support are marked with E in the table.

Operating System Compatibility Matrix

OpenStack Releases Operating Systems
Ubuntu CentOS Debian Rocky Linux
20.04 22.04 9 Stream 11 12 9
Zed source
distro E E E
2023.1 (Antelope) source
distro E E E
2023.2 (Bobcat) source
distro E E E
2024.1 (Caracal) source
distro E E E
2024.2 (Dalmatian) source
distro E E E