Managing images

Managing images

An image represents the operating system, software, and any settings that instances may need depending on the project goals. Create images first before creating any instances.

Adding images can be done through the Dashboard, or the command line. Another option available is the python-openstackclient tool, which can be installed on the controller node, or on a workstation.

Adding an image using the Dashboard

In order to add an image using the Dashboard, prepare an image binary file, which must be accessible over HTTP using a valid and direct URL. Images can be compressed using .zip or .tar.gz.


Uploading images using the Dashboard will be available to users with administrator privileges. Operators can set user access privileges.

  1. Log in to the Dashboard.
  2. Select the Admin tab in the navigation pane and click images.
  3. Click the Create Image button. The Create an Image dialog box will appear.
  4. Enter the details of the image, including the Image Location, which is where the URL location of the image is required.
  5. Click the Create Image button. The newly created image may take some time before it is completely uploaded since the image arrives in an image queue.

Adding an image using the command line

The utility container provides a CLI environment for additional configuration and management.

  1. Access the utility container:

    $ lxc-attach -n `lxc-ls -1 | grep utility | head -n 1`

Use the openstack client within the utility container to manage all glance images. See the openstack client official documentation on managing images.

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