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To avoid extra configuration, a series of conventions are set into code.

Default folders locations

Ansible roles

The ansible roles are stored under /etc/ansible/roles.

OpenStack-Ansible directory checkout

The code is generally located into /opt/openstack-ansible.

OpenStack-Ansible wrapper

Our openstack-ansible cli is located in /usr/bin/openstack-ansible. It sources an environment variable file located in: /usr/bin/openstack-ansible.rc.

Userspace configurations

All the userspace configurations are expected to be in /etc/openstack_deploy/.

Ansible configuration


There is no ansible.cfg provided with OpenStack-Ansible. Environment variables are used to alter the default Ansible behavior if necessary.

Ansible roles fetching

Any roles defined in openstack-ansible/ansible-role-requirements.yml will be installed by the openstack-ansible/scripts/ script, and fetched into the ansible roles folder.

Inventory conventions

Please confer to the inventory section of this reference.

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