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Adding extra python software

The system will allow you to install and build any package that is a python installable. The repository infrastructure will look for and create any git based or PyPi installable package. When the package is built the repo-build role will create the sources as Python wheels to extend the base system and requirements.

While the pre-built packages in the repository-infrastructure are comprehensive, it may be needed to change the source locations and versions of packages to suit different deployment needs. Adding additional repositories as overrides is as simple as listing entries within the variable file of your choice. Any user_.*.yml file within the « /etc/openstack_deployment » directory will work to facilitate the addition of a new packages.

swift_git_repo: https://private-git.example.org/example-org/swift
swift_git_install_branch: master

Additional lists of python packages can also be overridden using a user_.*.yml variable file.

  - virtualenv
  - python-keystoneclient

Once the variables are set call the play repo-build.yml to build all of the wheels within the repository infrastructure. When ready run the target plays to deploy your overridden source code.