Deploy OpenStack

Now we are ready for the deployment of OpenStack components. Some of them are mandatory while others are optional.


OpenStack Keystone is the identity and authentication service for the OpenStack cloud computing platform. It serves as the central point of authentication and authorization, managing user identities, roles, and access to OpenStack resources. Keystone ensures secure and controlled access to various OpenStack services, making it an integral component for user management and security in OpenStack deployments.

This is a mandatory component of any OpenStack cluster.

To deploy the Keystone service run the script

cd ~/osh/openstack-helm


OpenStack Heat is an orchestration service that provides templates and automation for deploying and managing cloud resources. It enables users to define infrastructure as code, making it easier to create and manage complex environments in OpenStack through templates and automation scripts.

Here is the script for the deployment of Heat service.

cd ~/osh/openstack-helm


OpenStack Glance is the image service component of OpenStack. It manages and catalogs virtual machine images, such as operating system images and snapshots, making them available for use in OpenStack compute instances.

This is a mandatory component.

The Glance deployment script is here

cd ~/osh/openstack-helm

Placement, Nova, Neutron

OpenStack Placement is a service that helps manage and allocate resources in an OpenStack cloud environment. It helps Nova (compute) find and allocate the right resources (CPU, memory, etc.) for virtual machine instances.

OpenStack Nova is the compute service responsible for managing and orchestrating virtual machines in an OpenStack cloud. It provisions and schedules instances, handles their lifecycle, and interacts with underlying hypervisors.

OpenStack Neutron is the networking service that provides network connectivity and enables users to create and manage network resources for their virtual machines and other services.

These three services are mandatory and together constitue so-called compute kit.

To set up the compute service, the first step involves deploying the hypervisor backend using the script. By default, the networking service is deployed with OpenvSwitch as the networking backend, and the deployment script for OpenvSwitch can be found here: And finally the deployment script for Placement, Nova and Neutron is here:

cd ~/osh/openstack-helm


OpenStack Cinder is the block storage service component of the OpenStack cloud computing platform. It manages and provides persistent block storage to virtual machines, enabling users to attach and detach persistent storage volumes to their VMs as needed.

To deploy the OpenStack Cinder service use the script

cd ~/osh/openstack-helm


OpenStack Horizon is the web application that is intended to provide a graphic user interface to Openstack services.

To deploy the OpenStack Horizon use the following script

cd ~/osh/openstack-helm