Project Specifications

Specifications in this repository represent a consensus on the topics covered within. They should be considered a mandate on the path forward with regards to the content on which they are drafted.

Here is a list of the current specs:

Specifications Purpose

A specification should precede any broad-reaching technical changes or proposals to OpenStack-Helm. Examples of changes requiring a specification include: a standard format to the values.yaml files, multiple backend support for neutron, and the approach for logging and monitoring in OpenStack-Helm. Some additional features will not need an accompanying specification, but may be tied back to an existing specification. An example of this would be introducing a service in OpenStack-Helm that could be included under the scope of a specification already drafted and approved.

Specifications Process

Before drafting a specification, a blueprint should be filed in Storyboard along with any dependencies the blueprint requires. Once the blueprint has been registered, submit the specification as a patch set to the specs/ directory using the supplied template.

More information about the blueprint + specification lifecycle can be found here.