• Omnibus PBR CI fixups

  • Serialize tests

  • Fix tempest-full job

  • Use summary for the package summary

  • Test on py310 and py311


  • build: Use kwargs

  • Add support for PEP-660

  • Fix PBR integration testing

  • Replace imp with importlib.machinery

  • Add release note for build_sphinx removal

  • Use _ instead of - in setup.cfg directives

  • Remove sphinx doc building integration


  • Run PBR integration on Ubuntu Focal too

  • Remove numpy dependencies

  • Tie recursion calls to Dist object, not module

  • Update tox.ini to work with tox 4


  • Fix symbol identification in multiline message

  • Replace deprecated readfp method with read_file


  • Specify Changelog procedure

  • Allow leading spaces when determining symbols

  • Use stdlib importlib.metadata where possible

  • Adding python classifiers py38 & py39


  • Future-proofing pyproject.toml

  • Use importlib-metadata for runtime package version lookups

  • Drop wheel from pyproject.toml examples

  • Changed minversion in tox to 3.18.0


  • Add release note about missing pbr.json fix

  • Avoid recursive calls into SetupTools entrypoint

  • setup.cfg: Replace dashes with underscores

  • remove explicit mock

  • Don’t test with setuptools local distutils

  • Use context blocks for open() calls in packaging


  • Add python2 testing back to PBR

  • Allow PEP517 without setup_requires

  • Clarify the need for with PEP517


  • Add a PEP517 interface

  • PBR package testing improvements

  • Run python3.9 test jobs

  • Retire django-openstack-auth

  • Upgrade the pre-commit-hooks version

  • Correct comment for ‘D1_D2_SETUP_ARGS’


  • Reverse ordering of ‘D1_D2_SETUP_ARGS’

  • Add test for cfg -> py transformation

  • Don’t pass empty ‘long_description’

  • Move flake8 as a pre-commit local target

  • Map requires-python to python-requires (attempt 2)

  • Update dependencies to avoid failure with old pip

  • Increase OS_TEST_TIMEOUT to 1200

  • Prevent test failure due to use of setpref

  • util: Convert ‘D1_D2_SETUP_ARGS’ to a list of tuples

  • Revert “Map requires-python to python-requires”

  • Dropping lower constraints testing

  • Adding pre-commit


  • Run tempest-full for stable/train

  • Remove use_2to3 backward compat for Setuptools

  • More easy_install.ScriptWriter.get_header()


  • Remove bdist_wininst support

  • Increase integration test timeout

  • Add Release Notes to documentation

  • Cleanup old legacy devstack-gate jobs

  • Begin work to modernize pbr’s integration testing

  • Re-add ChangeLog

  • Update some url to use

  • Support newer openstackdocstheme

  • Use easy_install.ScriptWriter.get_header()

  • Remove neutron-fwaas from the jobs’ required project

  • Update python requires packaging metadata for package

  • trivial: Improve logging of run commands

  • Map requires-python to python-requires

  • Update hacking

  • Add support for virtualenv 20.x


  • Switch to Ussuri jobs


  • trivial: Use ‘open’ context manager

  • Update to latest hacking

  • Mark strings as raw



  • Add Python 3 Train unit tests


  • Fix parsing on egg names with dashes from git URLs


  • option to print only the version of a package


  • Resolve some issue with tox.ini, setup.cfg


  • Stop using pbr sphinx integration

  • Switch to release.o.o for constraints

  • Make WSGI tests listen on localhost

  • Fix Windows support

  • Allow git-tags to be SemVer compliant

  • Read description file as utf-8


  • Add openstack-tox-py37 job

  • Set subparser argument required

  • Remove neutron-lbaas

  • Install more dependencies for integration testing

  • Use more verbose logging for test failure

  • Update Sphinx requirement

  • Fix white space handling in file names


  • OpenDev Migration Patch

  • Typo fix: s/extract_mesages/extract_messages/

  • Support provides_extra metadata

  • Replace git:// URLs with https://

  • Fix nits and typos on release note message

  • Remove libzmq-dev from package install

  • Fix error when keywords are defined as a list in cfg


  • Resolve ``ValueError`` when mapping value contains a literal ``=``

  • Change openstack-dev to openstack-discuss


  • Ignore –find-links in requirements file

  • Do not globally replace path prefix

  • Change openstack-dev to openstack-discuss


  • Fix incorrect use of flake8:noqa

  • Correct documentation hyperlink for environment-markers



  • Use templates for cover and lower-constraints

  • Special case long_description_content_type

  • tox: Suppress output

  • Support wheel 0.32.0+


  • Remove my_ip from generated wsgi script

  • Add an option to skip generating RELEASENOTES.rst

  • docs: Add docs for reno integration

  • Skip test for testr hook being installed when testr is not available

  • Fix typo in contribution instructions

  • Add release note for fix to bug 1786306

  • Move pbr-installation jobs in-tree

  • Support subdirectory in the url

  • remove pypy jobs

  • add lib-forward-testing-python3 test job

  • add python 3.6 unit test job

  • switch documentation job to new PTI

  • import zuul job settings from project-config

  • Ignore Zuul when generating AUTHORS

  • packaging: Remove support for pyN requirement files

  • tox: Re-add cover target


  • Deprecate ‘test’ integration

  • Deprecate ‘build_sphinx’ integration

  • Add Sphinx extension

  • doc: Add documentation for missing ‘[pbr]’ options

  • doc: Fix formatting of packagers guide

  • Switch to stestr


  • trivial: Fix file permissions

  • trivial: Remove ‘tools/’

  • Add docstring from LocalManifestMaker.add_defaults


  • Update python3 versions in tox.ini envlist

  • fix tox python3 overrides

  • Support python-requires metadata


  • Revert “Remove win32/nt checks for wrapper script gen”

  • Add leading 0 on alpha release in semver doc


  • Don’t poke in pip for requests

  • Fix builddoc with sphinx <= 1.6



  • add lower-constraints job

  • Explicitly read setup.cfg as utf-8 on Python 3


  • builddoc: Treat ‘[pbr] autodoc_tree_excludes’ as a multi-line opt

  • update parse test to use reliable comparison

  • Better Sem-Ver header handling

  • Make docs on env vars a little clearer

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • future-proof invocation of apidoc

  • emit warning correctly

  • Updated from global requirements

  • deprecations: Deprecate support for ‘-py{N}’ requirements

  • doc: Minor rework of usage doc

  • doc: Rework features doc

  • Support v<semver> version

  • Deprecate testr and nose integration

  • tests: Increase coverage of requirements parsing

  • trivial: Move packaging tests to test_packaging

  • Put test-requirements into an extra named ‘test’

  • Support Description-Content-Type metadata

  • Avoid for constraints support

  • Test on Python 3.6

  • Support PEP 345 Project-URL metadata

  • Remove setting of version/release from releasenotes

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Use ‘build_reno’ setuptools extension if available

  • Remove unnecessary ‘if True’

  • Discover Distribution through the class hierarchy

  • Add reno for release notes management

  • Remove support for command hooks

  • Remove dead code

  • Deprecate support for Sphinx < 1.6

  • builddoc: Use ‘[sphinx_build] builders’ with Sphinx < 1.6

  • Remove win32/nt checks for wrapper script gen

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Remove py26 support

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Update URLs in documents according to document migration

  • Updated from global requirements

  • gitignore: Ignore .venv

  • switch from oslosphinx to openstackdocstheme

  • Trivial: Fix docstring

  • turn on warning-as-error flag for doc build

  • rearrange existing documentation using the new standard layout


  • Restore previous IP binding

  • docs: Don’t specify pbr version in ‘’


  • allow user to override the output location of api docs

  • fix tests based on API change in Sphinx

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Add binding option for WSGI server

  • Ignore index URL lines in requirements.txt files


  • builddoc: uses the new Sphinx 1.6 code for multiple builder

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Fix missing comment from previous change

  • trivial: Add note about multiple builders support


  • Remove ‘build_sphinx_latex’

  • Stop building man pages by default

  • docs: Use definition lists

  • add image.nonlocal_uri to the list of warnings ignored

  • doc: Document Sphinx integration

  • add changelog to published documentation


  • Lazy import pkg_resources

  • Add Changelog build handling for invalid chars

  • Initialize sphinx config using application instead of config

  • Make oslosphinx optional

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Also generate XML coverage report

  • Update to a newer hacking library


  • tox: Don’t set skipsdist=True

  • Stop using ‘warnerrors’

  • doc: Clarify sections in ‘setup.cfg’

  • Remove testr entry point

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Remove discover from test-requirements

  • Add Constraints support

  • Don’t raise exception on missing man pages

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Clean imports in code

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Docstrings should not start with a space

  • Changed the home-page link

  • Update .coveragerc after the removal of openstack directory

  • coverage package name option, doc improvement

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Deprecated warning for SafeConfigParser

  • Add more words to a confusing error message

  • Don’t ignore data-files

  • Change assertTrue(isinstance()) by optimal assert

  • Fix handling of old git log output

  • Fix typo in the index.rst

  • Expose deb version to match exposing rpm version

  • Replace OpenStack LLC with OpenStack Foundation

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Fix pypy soabi tests

  • Add Python 3.5 classifier and venv

  • Fix argument order for assertEqual to (expected, observed)

  • Move to oslosphinx

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Restore warnerrors behavior and support Sphinx 1.4

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Fix pypy wsgi tests

  • Remember the insertion order for pbr.json


  • File is wrongly marked as executable

  • Fix wsgiref script use with oslo.config

  • Update Preversioning explanation to avoid double that


  • Handle IndexError during version string parsing

  • Correct server test


  • Updated from global requirements

  • Fix soabi tests with pypy

  • package: fix wrong catch in email parsing

  • Sort ‘pbr freeze’ output

  • Do not convert git tags when searching history

  • Include wsgi_scripts in generated wheels

  • Correct the indentation in the classifiers example

  • Do not silently drop markers that fail to evaluate

  • Clarifications around tags and version numbers

  • Correct typo - s/enabeld/enabled/

  • Use apt-cache generated packages to provide build deps

  • fix some variable names

  • Don’t attempt to test with 0.6c11 with Py3

  • Support entry point patching on setuptools < 12

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Split changelog on nulls instead of (

  • Add libjpeg and liberasurecode for tests

  • Handle markers to support sdist on pip < 6

  • Deprecated tox -downloadcache option removed

  • passenv integration environment variables re-enabling integration tests

  • Enable pep8 H405 tests

  • Add patch to properly get all commands from dist

  • doc: Remove ‘’

  • doc: Trivial cleanup of ‘index.rst’

  • doc: Add deprecation note for ‘requirements-pyN’

  • doc: Restructure ‘Requirements’ section

  • doc: Restructure ‘Usage’ section

  • doc: Add details of manifest generation

  • Support git://, git+ssh://, git+https:// without -e flag

  • More support Sphinx >=1.3b1 and <1.3.1

  • Fix docs for markers

  • Do not error when running pep8 with py3

  • Ensure changelog log output is written if it already exists

  • Cleanup jeepyb and pypi-mirror special casing


  • Handle the case where cmd.distribution has no pbr attribute

  • test_integration cleanups

  • Remove redundant testscenarios glue

  • Add standard code coverage configuration file

  • Add version/downloads links/badges into README.rst


  • Strip comments present in setup.cfg

  • Protect WSGI application with a critical section


  • Have pbr egg_info.writer check PBR is enabled


  • Strip comments in requirements files

  • Support Sphinx >=1.3 new protoype and warnings


  • Handle git being entirely absent

  • We require the use of setuptools

  • Fix retrieval of commit data and most recent tag


  • Fix docs for environment markers in extras

  • Export ChangeLog and AUTHORS in install

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Show how long the git querying takes

  • Add wsgi_scripts support to PBR

  • Updated from global requirements


  • Wrap env markers in parens

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Add more documentation around building docs

  • Expose a ‘rpm_version’ extra command

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Use string for ‘OS_TEST_TIMEOUT’ default

  • Updated from global requirements

  • This documents the use of comments that work between 2.6, 2.7 and 3.4


  • Strip markers from test requirements

  • Add build_sphinx test coverage


  • Revert “Remove sphinx_config.init_values() manual call”


  • Fix test case to be runnable with gnupg 2.1

  • More explicit data_files install location docs

  • Move CapturedSubprocess fixture to base

  • Remove sphinx_config.init_values() manual call

  • Updated from global requirements

  • builddoc: allow to use fnmatch-style exclusion for autodoc

  • doc: add some basic doc about pbr doc options

  • Add home-page into sample setup.cfg

  • Make –help-commands work without testrepository


  • Remove self.pre_run calls in

  • Add kerberos deps to build the kerberos wheel

  • Update hacking to 0.10.x series


  • Teach pbr to read extras and env markers

  • Bump integration test timeouts

  • Finish removing invocations of pip

  • Advertise support for Python3.4

  • Issue #1451976: handle commits with non-utf8 text

  • Parallelise integration tests


  • Issue #1450210: Preversioning rc tag handling

  • Stop testing easy_install behaviour

  • Test pip install -e of projects

  • Build all the wheels in one pass rather than many

  • Improve

  • Stop re-invoking pip

  • Honour new test variable PIPVERSION

  • Be safe, don’t let friends use RawConfigParser

  • Revert “Support platform-specific requirements files”

  • Reinstate pure-git-hashes-are-illegal test

  • Ignore non-release related tags

  • Test that excludes work

  • Fixup semver

  • Better diagnostics on test failure

  • Don’t avoid egg-info quite so often

  • Add truncated lincense text

  • Allow overwriting sphinx builder from command line

  • “packages” might list multiple directories

  • Support script text override for newer develop

  • Fixes Windows generated scripts headers

  • Update README format to match release notes tool

  • Be more aggressive about building wheels

  • Use a wheelhouse in the integration test

  • Build a wheel when integration testing PBR changes

  • Use unsafe OpenPGP keys for testing


  • _get_revno only returns a commit count

  • Move write_pbr_json to avoid issues with nose

  • Properly check for git before getting git dir

  • Port in git sha changes from 0.10 line


  • Integration test PBR commits


  • Move write_pbr_json to avoid issues with nose


  • Properly check for git before getting git dir

  • Use post version signifiers

  • Only import sphinx during hook processing


  • Stop including git sha in version strings

  • Write and read more complex git sha info


  • Prefix git suffixes with + instead of

  • Workflow documentation is now in infra-manual

  • Packagers vs package maintainers

  • Support platform-specific requirements files

  • Remove extraneous vim editor configuration comments

  • Clean up links and docs

  • Add to git config in tests

  • Honour validly tagged versions

  • autodoc: allow to exclude modules from auto-generation

  • tests: factorize has_opt handling

  • Support reading versions from wheels

  • Only consider tags that look like versions

  • Refactor oneline changelog walking

  • Stop using intersphinx

  • Retry the integration setup on connection error

  • Fixes a spelling error

  • Adds option for excluding files from autodoc trees

  • Allow for inclusion of authors and changelog when building docs

  • Work toward Python 3.4 support and testing

  • Accept capitalized Sem-Ver headers

  • use get_boolean_option for warnerrors

  • Handle more legacy version numbers

  • Look for and process sem-ver pseudo headers in git

  • Raise an error if preversion versions are too low

  • Teach pbr about post versioned dev versions

  • Handle more local dev version cases

  • Introduce a SemanticVersion object

  • cleanup tox.ini

  • add docs env to tox

  • Bump hacking to 0.9.x series


  • Remove all 2.7 filtering

  • Stop filtering out argparse

  • Remove mirror testing from the integration script


  • Allow examining parsing exceptions

  • Update integration script for Apache 2.4

  • Restore Monkeypatched Distribution Instance

  • Register testr as a distutil entry point

  • Check for git before querying it for a version

  • Allow _run_cmd to run commands in any directory

  • Make setUp fail if sdist fails

  • Permit pre-release versions with git metadata

  • Un-nest some sections of code


  • Remove –use-mailmap as it’s not needed

  • Fix typos in docs


  • pbr/ Add logging

  • Documentation updates

  • Fixed a typo in the documentation

  • Make source configurable when using –coverage

  • README.rst: tweaks

  • Format autoindex.rst file properly

  • make pbr use hacking directly


  • Use unicode_literals import instead of u’unicode’ notation

  • Add support for nested requirements files

  • Remove pip version specifier

  • Make tools/ take a branch

  • Fixes blocking issue on Windows

  • Remove duplicate git setup in tests


  • Factor run_cmd out of the base class

  • Return the real class in VersionInfo __repr__

  • Fix up some docstrings

  • Init sphinx config values before accessing them

  • Remove copyright from empty files

  • Declare support for Python versions in setup.cfg

  • Updated from global requirements

  • Remove unused _parse_mailmap()

  • Add support for python 3-<3.3

  • Remove tox locale overrides

  • Do not force log verbosity level to info


  • package: read a specific Python version requirement file

  • Fix typos in documents

  • Pin sphinx to <1.2

  • Build mirror using proper requirements

  • Use wheels for installation

  • show diff between pip installed packages and requirements

  • Enable wheel processing in the tests

  • Clean up integration script

  • Let git do mailmap mapping for us

  • Make ChangeLog more condensed

  • Make sphinx builders configurable in LocalBuildDoc

  • Serve local mirror using apache

  • Bump the development status classifier

  • Support building wheels (PEP-427)

  • Ignore in authors building

  • Communicate to user when we skip a requirement

  • Base python 2.7 skip list on parsed names

  • Link to the documentation in the readme

  • Avoid using ‘which’ executable for finding git

  • Add wheel mirror structure awareness

  • Remove pip as an argument from mkvenv

  • Use pypi-mirror instead of jeepyb


  • Fixed pbr install to not error out and fail if git is not installed


  • Move base test case logic out of

  • Comply with pep440

  • Prevent ordereddict installation on 2.7

  • Do not pass unicode where byte strings are wanted

  • Add the semver documentation

  • Get rid of PyPI URL override in integration test

  • Add a test for command registration

  • Switch away from tearDown for BaseTests

  • Fix test_changelog when git isn’t globally setup

  • Rework run_shell_command

  • Update tox config to use latest upgrades

  • Add a hint for users who don’t have git installed

  • Add pypy to tox.ini

  • Fix python-ldap mirroring

  • Stop checking periods in commit messages

  • Fixes issue with command escaping on Windows

  • Added documentation for packagers

  • Update requirements in integration test

  • Sync requirements with global requirements

  • Fix pep8 error

  • Add option to run testr serially


  • Replace setuptools_git with a smarter approach

  • Clean up some style warnings

  • Consume the OpenStack mirror by default

  • Correct typo

  • Improve AUTHORS file generation

  • Ensure _run_shell_command always returns same type

  • Hierarchical sphinx API documentation generation

  • Add support for classmethod console scripts

  • Add skip_pip_install to setup.cfg

  • Remove missing_reuqires optimization

  • Use the same logic everywhere for requirements files


  • Fix .mailmap file search location

  • Swap the order of configparser imports

  • Install jeepyb and requirements from REPODIR

  • Stop trying to install old pip and setuptools

  • Add support for globbing in data files

  • Revert include_package_data change

  • Also patch easy_install script creation

  • Loop over test output for better readability

  • Add more documentation

  • We force installs via pip, we should declare it

  • Fix python 3.3 tests

  • Replace entry_points console_scripts

  • Fix integer_types type under python 3

  • Remove the need to specify the pbr hook

  • Move d2to1 more into the source tree

  • Set defaults directly in option processing

  • Do not assume the tests run as jenkins

  • Add libffi-dev

  • Ignore project creator while generating AUTHORS


  • Add Python 3.3 checking

  • Fix some issues in test

  • Put at the top of AUTHORS

  • Support version override with PBR prefix

  • Don’t try to install requirements repo

  • Allow pip installation to be skipped

  • Don’t run pip needlessly

  • Clean up hacking and path issues with d2to1

  • Support version override with PBR prefix

  • Fix some issues in test

  • Add support for namespace packages


  • testr: fix Python 3 compatibility

  • Allow to override requirement files via environ

  • Add importlib to the filter list

  • Fix integration script

  • Move testrepository to test-requirements.txt

  • Make python test do the right thing

  • Add an integration test script


  • Fix pip invocation for old versions of pip


  • Remove explicit depend on distribute


  • Use pip instead of easy_install for installation

  • Skip git-checkout related tests when .git is missing

  • Refactor hooks file


  • Remove jinja pin


  • Explicitly install install_requires

  • More python3 compatibility

  • python3: Use six everywhere

  • Add vim and emacs files to .gitignore

  • Fix sphinx autodoc module headers

  • Handle versioned egg fragments in dependency URLs

  • Fix tox.ini to not reference deleted testenv


  • Fix author and changelog skipping

  • Fix doc autoindexing

  • Changed _get_git_directory() to use git itself

  • python3: Python3.x compatibility

  • Cosmetic doc fixes

  • Make parse errors meaningful

  • Add missing files to the tarball


  • Default to single-version-externally-managed

  • Add config for skipping authors and changelog

  • Update to d2to1 0.2.10

  • Added some additional zest.releaser hooks to deal with some perpetual annoyances of doing releases

  • When catching exceptions from a setup-hook don’t throw a traceback up for sys.exit()


  • Don’t try to smart find packages that aren’t there

  • Add support for manpages

  • Support forcing single-version-externally-managed

  • Add more iterations to BuildDoc coverage

  • Align Sphinx autodoc options with oslo


  • Using __file__ was getting the wrong location

  • Add support for configuring pbr sphinx options

  • Add support for warnings=errors

  • Fix authors generation from co-authored-by

  • Ported in Co-authored-by support from oslo

  • Fix up the test suite to actually all pass

  • Added version code

  • Update tox to run hacking

  • Make hacking compliant

  • Ensure that reuqirements files are shipped

  • Add


  • Update documentation for release

  • Rename back to PBR

  • Remove extra complexity of six.u wrapper

  • Add contributing file

  • Fix .gitreview file

  • Add docs dir

  • Cleaned up stdout capture invocation

  • Put stdout capture in the base test class

  • Amended README testing instructions

  • Update README with test running instructions

  • Move setup_requires to setup_requires_dist

  • Move sphinx to test-reuqirements

  • Deal with Sphinx import ordering

  • Add a better todo comment

  • Update docs

  • Just use d2to1 via hooks mechanism

  • Add a few more backwards compatibility options

  • Fix exception handling error

  • Lower distribute requirement - it’s too extreme

  • Remove sex requirement, since it’s in extern

  • Remove version that had been used for testing

  • pep8/pyflakes fixes

  • Fix things up to work with nova

  • Split out oslo.packaging

  • Fix two minor style things

  • Fixes #20. Make sure the manifest_maker monkeypatch only occurs once and that it gets all its required locals encapsulated. This is why I hate any sort of monkey-patching, but it appears to be the only way to get this feature working

  • Fix ‘except as’ statements that were breaking things in Python 2.5

  • Somehow neglected to include extra-file.txt used in the test for #15. Also moved the info log message that was causing othere tests to fail to only appear when commands are run that actually affect the manifest generation

  • Yet another Python 2.5 fix; I really ought to just set up my own 2.5 installation

  • multiprocessing doesn’t exist in Python 2.5

  • Adds and makes the necessary tweaks to improve support for using d2to1 natively across Python versions

  • Fix ‘except as’ statements that were breaking things in Python 2.5

  • Somehow neglected to include extra-file.txt used in the test for #15. Also moved the info log message that was causing othere tests to fail to only appear when commands are run that actually affect the manifest generation

  • Adds support for the tests_require keyword from setuptools. Tested by eating our own dogfood – ./ test now works for d2to1’s own setup

  • support test suite and test tests-require

  • Patch manifest_maker to support extra_files–this is really the only way I can see to do this at all sensibly

  • This is a test that should really work to test this feature

  • openstack.common.setup: fails to get version from git

  • Use oslo-config-2013.1b3

  • Change the check for the existence of .git directory

  • returncode for Popen is valid only after communicate call

  • sort options to make –help output prettier

  • Allow running test in uninstalled source tree

  • Remove openstack.common.db.common

  • Add missing DBDuplicateEntry

  • Import sqlalchemy session/models/utils

  • Implements import_group

  • Fix Pep8 Warning

  • Fixes “is not”, “not in” syntax usage

  • setup: count revs for revno if there are no tags

  • Use testtools as test base class

  • Move logging config options into the log module

  • Use revno and git sha for pre-release versioning

  • Add env var version override for packagers

  • trivial pep whitespace fix

  • Remove write_requirements

  • Rolling back to previous version of resolve_name; it’s possible this can fail in the presence of a broken namespace package, but I want to make sure that’s the case before trying to fix it

  • Stop using no longer valid -E option for pip

  • oops - now compatible with python 3

  • use regexp to parse the mailmap

  • Make tox run doctests

  • Verbose should not enable debug level logging

  • Fix pep8 E125 errors

  • Simplify version processing

  • Any exception that escapes from a hook gets reported along with a stack trace

  • Revert “Support lookup of value using “group.key””

  • remove debugging

  • Add a latex command to our sphinx builders

  • Support lookup of value using “group.key”

  • debugging auto builds

  • debugging auto builds

  • fix up importer; clean hook name before search

  • show traceback when a hook encounters an exception

  • Add deprecated –logdir common opt

  • Add deprecated –logfile common opt

  • Allow nova and others to override some logging defaults

  • Fixing the trim for ListOp when reading from config file

  • Fix set_default() with boolean CLI options

  • Rename to

  • Improve cfg’s argparse sub-parsers support

  • Make project pyflakes clean

  • Fix regression with cfg CLI arguments

  • Fix ListOpt to trim whitespace

  • Hide the GroupAttr conf and group attributes

  • Fix broken –help with CommonConfigOpts

  • updating sphinx documentation

  • Don’t reference argparse._StoreAction

  • Fix minor coding style issue

  • Remove ConfigCliParser class

  • Add support for positional arguments

  • Use stock argparse behaviour for optional args

  • Use stock argparse –usage behaviour

  • Use stock argparse –version behaviour

  • Remove add_option() method

  • Completely remove cfg’s disable_interspersed_args()

  • argparse support for cfg

  • Remove openstack.common.config and extensions

  • Fixes setup compatibility issue on Windows

  • Move utils.execute to its own module

  • Add a missing comma in a docstring

  • Import order clean-up

  • Fix a logic error in stable version calculation

  • cfg: fix required if option has a dash

  • Fix a couple of file handle leaks, using with statements

  • Ignore the stackforge jenkins email address

  • Extracted parse_host_port into network_utils

  • Add the rpc service and delete manager

  • Some changes I made weeks ago but forgot to commit

  • Added a method for parsing host:port pairs

  • Add basic periodic task infrastructure

  • Move and into common

  • cfg: clean up None value handling

  • Allow set_default and set_override to use None

  • Tilde expansion for –config-file and –config-dir

  • Add multiple-driver support to the notifier api

  • Fix errors reported by pyflakes

  • Add import_opt() method to ConfigOpts

  • Remove unused imports

  • Modifies _is_opt_registered fcn to check for duplicate opts

  • fix bug lp:1019348,update openstack-common to support pep8 1.3

  • cfg: allow empty config values



  • Fix missing gettextutils in several modules

  • Fix up pre-versioning based on testing in glance

  • cfg: Fix typo in documentation

  • Fix mailmap

  • Split read_versioninfo into a method

  • Add common logging and notification

  • Add support for tag based versioning

  • Skip argparse when injecting requirements

  • Update common code to support pep 1.3. bug 1014216

  • Add autodoc generation to the build_sphinx command

  • Use ‘is not None’ instead of ‘!= None’

  • Adds support for bol and eol spaces to ini files

  • Add support to include config aliases

  • Create testutils with skip decorators

  • cfg: add a global CONF object

  • cfg: add generators for iterating over all options

  • cfg: move constructor args to __call__() args

  • Added support for proper bare URLs

  • Backslash continuation removal (common folsom-1)

  • Alphabetize imports in openstack/common/

  • cfg: make reset() clear defaults and overrides

  • cfg: automatically create option groups

  • cfg: allow options to be marked as required

  • cfg: use a list comprehension instead of map()

  • Encapsulate common sdist actions into a cmdclass

  • Truly handle mailmap entries for all combinations

  • New ConfigOpts.find_file() for locating conf files

  • Handle authors existed before VCS was around

  • Support for directory source of config files

  • Provide file extension when when looking for files

  • Some refactoring of the cfg cache

  • Add caching to openstack.common.cfg

  • Add AUTHORS generation function

  • Change behavior in utils.import_object()

  • Move auth_str_equal() to a new authutils module

  • Create openstack.common.timeutils

  • Typofix, OptionGroup should be OptGroup

  • Use absolute import for iniparser

  • Make ‘yes’ also a true boolean

  • Finish implementing MultiStrOpt

  • Avoid leaking secrets into config logging

  • Add auth_str_equal() to common utils

  • Fix bug 954488

  • fix restructuredtext formatting in docstrings

  • Add ConfigOpts.print_help()

  • Fixes a bug where entry_points in a are blanked out if there are no entry points defined in setup.cfg

  • Promote more complete support for ISO 8601 time

  • cfg: fix a small comment typo

  • Several changes that I accidentally committed to d2to1’s old repository. See the changes to the changelog for more details

  • cfg: unneeded multiple inheritance

  • PEP8 cleanup (openstack-common)

  • Backslash continuations (misc.)

  • Disable ConfigParser interpolation (lp#930270)

  • Add git changelog method

  • Add git vcsversion method

  • Updated tox config for multi-python testing

  • Split functions to avoid eventlet import

  • Implements blueprint separate-nova-volumeapi

  • Makes common/ raise AttributeError

  • PEP8 type comparison cleanup

  • Add the Mapping interface to cfg.ConfigOpts

  • Add support to cfg for disabling interspersed args

  • Add new cfg module

  • import should not return an instance of the class

  • use isinstance and types.*

  • make fix_path a real function so it can be mock’d

  • remove unused imports

  • merge in upstream

  • port execute and utcnow functions from nova

  • pull parse_mailmap str_dict_replace from nova

  • reog from import merge

  • Rajaram/Vinkesh|Default xmlns for extension serialization can be overriden, added default factory for extension middleware

  • Rajaram/Vinkesh | Copied tests for wsgi from nova. Added default content/accept types in Request which can be overridden by projects. Copied tests for XML serialization of Extension Controller’s action from nova

  • Rajaram/Vinkesh | Fixed the extension bug where custom collection actions’ routes in resource extension were not getting registered

  • Vinkesh/Rajaram|Added nova’s extension framework into common and tests for it

  • Rajaram|renamed AppBaseException to OpenstackException and app_config_dir_name to config_dir as per jaypipes’ feedback

  • Rajaram/Vinkesh | Removed references to Glance in code

  • Adding syslog support

  • Add some more generic middleware, request context, utils, and versioning. Add basic template for server binary

  • Initial skeleton project