OpenStack Charms Deployment Guide


The main purpose of the OpenStack Charms Deployment Guide is to demonstrate how to build a multi-node OpenStack cloud with MAAS, Juju, and OpenStack Charms. For easy adoption the cloud will be minimal. Nevertheless, it will be capable of both performing some real work and scaling to fit more ambitious projects. High availability will not be implemented beyond natively HA applications (Ceph, MySQL8, OVN, Swift, and RabbitMQ).


For OpenStack Charms project information, development guidelines, release notes, and release schedules, please refer to the OpenStack Charm Guide.


The software versions used in this guide are as follows:

  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal) for the MAAS server, Juju client, Juju controller, and all cloud nodes (including containers)

  • MAAS 2.8.2

  • Juju 2.8.1

  • OpenStack Ussuri

Hardware requirements are listed on the Install MAAS page.


The guide also includes a wealth of information in the form of appendices. These cover a wide variety of subjects, such as an elaboration of a specific charm feature, how to upgrade an OpenStack cloud, or how to manage power events in a cloud.

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