Introspecting a Single Node

In addition to bulk introspection, you can also introspect nodes one by one. When doing so, you must take care to set the correct node states manually. Use baremetal node show UUID command to figure out whether nodes are in manageable or available state. For all nodes in available state, start with putting a node to manageable state (see Bare Metal Node States for details):

baremetal node manage <UUID>

Then you can run introspection:

baremetal introspection start UUID

This command won’t poll for the introspection result, use the following command to check the current introspection state:

baremetal introspection status UUID

Repeat it for every node until you see True in the finished field. The error field will contain an error message if introspection failed, or None if introspection succeeded for this node.

Do not forget to make nodes available for deployment afterwards:

baremetal node provide <UUID>