Bare Metal Node States

This document provides a brief explanation of the bare metal node states that TripleO uses or might use. Please refer to the Ironic documentation for more details.


In a typical Ironic workflow nodes begin their life in a state called enroll. Nodes in this state are not available for deployment, nor for most of other actions. Ironic does not touch such nodes in any way.

In the TripleO workflow the nodes start their life in the manageable state and only see the enroll state if their power management fails to validate:

openstack overcloud import instackenv.json

Nodes can optionally be introspected in this step by passing the –provide flag which will progress them through the manageable state and eventually to the available state ready for deployment.


To make nodes alive an operator uses manage provisioning action to move nodes to manageable state. During this transition the power and management credentials (IPMI, SSH, etc) are validated to ensure that nodes in manageable state are actually manageable by Ironic. This state is still not available for deployment. With nodes in this state an operator can execute various pre-deployment actions, such as introspection, RAID configuration, etc. So to sum it up, nodes in manageable state are being configured before exposing them into the cloud.

The manage action can be used to bring nodes from enroll to manageable or nodes already moved to available state back to manageable for configuration:

baremetal node manage <NAME OR UUID>


The last step before the deployment is to make nodes available using the provide provisioning action. Such nodes are exposed to nova, and can be deployed to at any moment. No long-running configuration actions should be run in this state.


Nodes which failed introspection stay in manageable state and must be reintrospected or made available manually:

baremetal node provide <NAME OR UUID>