Puppet OpenStack governance is well defined and documented. It documents:

  • The current Project Team Lead
  • The mission statement
  • The repositories that are managed by the group

PTL duty

While the official OpenStack PTL duty guide is general, the Puppet OpenStack PTL is usually in charge of:

  • community management by keeping abreast of upcoming meetings (summits, OPS meetups) where it would be interesting for our community to be represented.
  • weekly meeting organization.
  • OpenStack Cross-Project liaison.

Core-reviewers team

Puppet OpenStack has a core-reviewers list, that can merge any code in our repositories.

We also have sub-groups for puppet-keystone and puppet-neutron (more in the future) modules with people who can merge code in these repositories. It allows people who are experts in one OpenStack component and involved in the Puppet module, to become core, and improve our review quality.

Release team

Until Puppet OpenStack releases will be managed by OpenStack Release Team, releases are now managed by a release subteam.

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