1. Review policy

  2. Abandonment

  3. Guidelines for code-reviewers

  4. Puppet Code reviews (Gerrit)

Review policy

Code is merged based on the voting process of the modules in Gerrit. All submitted patches automatically trigger a job that runs its rspec-puppet tests. This job is considered to be a gate in that no code is allowed to be merged that does not pass these tests. The results of this job are listed for every patch as a +1 Verified vote from Jenkins.

Any users can +/- 1 a commit and add comments on commit, but only members of the puppet-manager-core group have the ability to +2 and approve code to be merged.


If a change is submitted and given a -1, and subsequently the author becomes unresponsive for a few weeks, reviewers should leave reminder comments on the review or attempt to contact the original author via IRC or email. If the change is easy to fix, anyone should feel welcome to check out the change and resubmit it using the same change ID to preserve original authorship. Core reviewers will not abandon such a change.

If a change is submitted and given a -2, or it otherwise becomes clear that the change can not make it in (for example, if an alternate change was chosen to solve the problem), and the author has been unresponsive for at least 3 months, a core reviewer should abandon the change.

This policy is subject to change as we review our bandwidth for taking up forgotten patches and monitor our backlog growth.