Releases Summary

Module Version OpenStack Version Codename Community Supported
2.y.z Grizzly no - EOL (2014-03-29)
3.y.z Havana no - EOL (2014-09-30)
4.y.z Icehouse no - EOL (2015-07-02)
5.z.y Juno no - EOL (2015-12-07)
6.z.y Kilo no - EOL (2016-05-02)
7.z.y Liberty no - EOL (2016-11-17)
8.z.y Mitaka no - EOL (2017-04-10)
9.z.y Newton yes - EOL (2017-10-11)
10.z.y Ocata yes - EOL (2017-02-26)
11.z.y Pike yes - EOL (2017-08-30)
12.z.y Queens yes - EOL (2018-02-28)
13.z.y Rocky yes (current master)
14.z.y Solar Future

Puppetlabs releases

How to release Puppet modules


puppet-ceph should be done separately because the branches track ceph releases and not openstack releases.


puppet-pacemaker should also be done seperately because it is an independent release

Once the release is done, you can see the tarballs here:

If a new branch has been created, some tasks need to be done:

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