novaclient.v2.keypairs module

Keypair interface

class novaclient.v2.keypairs.Keypair(manager, info, loaded=False, resp=None)

Bases: Resource

A keypair is a ssh key that can be injected into a server on launch.

Populate and bind to a manager.

  • manager – BaseManager object

  • info – dictionary representing resource attributes

  • loaded – prevent lazy-loading if set to True

  • resp – Response or list of Response objects


Delete this keypair.


An instance of novaclient.base.TupleWithMeta

property id
class novaclient.v2.keypairs.KeypairManager(api)

Bases: ManagerWithFind

create(name, public_key, key_type='ssh', user_id=None)

Create a keypair

  • name – name for the keypair to create

  • public_key – existing public key to import

  • key_type – keypair type to create

  • user_id – user to add.

delete(key, user_id=None)

Delete a keypair

  • key – The Keypair (or its ID) to delete.

  • user_id – Id of key-pair owner (Admin only).


An instance of novaclient.base.TupleWithMeta

get(keypair, user_id=None)

Get a keypair.

  • keypair – The ID of the keypair to get.

  • user_id – Id of key-pair owner (Admin only).

Return type:


is_alphanum_id_allowed = True
keypair_prefix = 'os-keypairs'
list(user_id=None, marker=None, limit=None)

Get a list of keypairs.

  • user_id – Id of key-pairs owner (Admin only).

  • marker – Begin returning keypairs that appear later in the keypair list than that represented by this keypair name (optional).

  • limit – maximum number of keypairs to return (optional). Note the API server has a configurable default limit. If no limit is specified here or limit is larger than default, the default limit will be used.


alias of Keypair