novaclient.v2.limits module

class novaclient.v2.limits.AbsoluteLimit(name, value)

Bases: object

Data model that represents a single absolute limit.

class novaclient.v2.limits.Limits(manager, info, loaded=False, resp=None)

Bases: Resource

A collection of RateLimit and AbsoluteLimit objects.

Populate and bind to a manager.

  • manager – BaseManager object

  • info – dictionary representing resource attributes

  • loaded – prevent lazy-loading if set to True

  • resp – Response or list of Response objects

property absolute
property rate
class novaclient.v2.limits.LimitsManager(api)

Bases: Manager

Manager object used to interact with limits resource.

get(reserved=False, tenant_id=None)

Get a specific extension.

Return type:



alias of Limits

class novaclient.v2.limits.RateLimit(verb, uri, regex, value, remain, unit, next_available)

Bases: object

Data model that represents a flattened view of a single rate limit.