The Sahara shell utility now is part of the OpenStackClient, so all shell commands take the following form:

$ openstack dataprocessing <command> [arguments...]

To get a list of all possible commands you can run:

$ openstack help dataprocessing

To get detailed help for the command you can run:

$ openstack help dataprocessing <command>

For more information about commands and their parameters you can refer to the Sahara CLI commands.

For more information about abilities and features of OpenStackClient CLI you can refer to OpenStackClient documentation


The CLI is configured via environment variables and command-line options which are described in

Authentication using username/password is most commonly used and can be provided with environment variables:

export OS_AUTH_URL=<url-to-openstack-identity>
export OS_PROJECT_NAME=<project-name>
export OS_USERNAME=<username>
export OS_PASSWORD=<password>  # (optional)

or command-line options:

--os-auth-url <url>
--os-project-name <project-name>
--os-username <username>
[--os-password <password>]

Additionally sahara API url can be configured with parameter:


or with environment variable:

export OS_DATA_PROCESSING_URL=<url-to-sahara-API>
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