Project Info and Release Notes


Project Team Lead (PTL)

Contact Area of interest
Andrey Kurilin
andreykurilin (irc)
andreykurilin (gitter)

  • Chief Architect
  • Release management
  • Community management
  • Core team management
  • Road Map
If you would like to refactor whole Rally or have UX/community/other issues please contact me.

Project Core maintainers

Contact Area of interest
Alexander Maretskiy
amaretskiy (irc)
  • Rally reports
  • Front-end
Anton Studenov
tohin (irc)
  • Rally Deployment
  • Task Hooks
Boris Pavlovic
boris-42 (irc)
  • Founder and ideological leader
  • Architect
  • Rally task & plugins
Chen Haibing
chenhb-zte (gitter)
  • Rally task & plugins
Chris St. Pierre
stpierre (irc)
  • Rally task & plugins
  • Bash guru ;)
Hai Shi
shihai1991 (gitter)
  • Rally task & plugins
Illia Khudoshyn
ikhudoshyn (irc)
  • Rally task & plugins
Kun Huang
kun_huang (irc)
  • Rally task & plugins
Li Yingjun
liyingjun (irc)
  • Rally task & plugins
Roman Vasilets
rvasilets (irc)
  • Rally task & plugins
Sergey Skripnick
redixin (irc)
  • Rally CI/CD
  • Rally deploy
  • Automation of everything
Yaroslav Lobankov
ylobankov (irc)
  • Rally Verification
All cores from this list are reviewing all changes that are proposed to Rally. To avoid duplication of efforts, please contact them before starting work on your code.

Plugin Core reviewers

Contact Area of interest
Ivan Kolodyazhny
e0ne (irc)
  • Cinder plugins
Nikita Konovalov
NikitaKonovalov (irc)
  • Sahara plugins
Oleg Bondarev
obondarev (irc)
  • Neutron plugins
Sergey Kraynev
skraynev (irc)
  • Heat plugins
Spyros Trigazis
strigazi (irc)
  • Magnum plugins
All cores from this list are responsible for their component plugins. To avoid duplication of efforts, please contact them before starting working on your own plugins.

Where can I discuss and propose changes?

  • Our IRC channel: #openstack-rally on;
  • Weekly Rally team meeting (in IRC): #openstack-meeting on, held on Mondays at 14:00 UTC;
  • OpenStack mailing list: (see subscription and usage instructions);
  • Rally team on Launchpad: Answers/Bugs/Blueprints.