Current Series Release Notes


Upgrade Notes

  • The token_label option in the PKCS#11 driver has been removed.

Deprecation Notes

  • The Symantec certificate plugin has been deprecated, because lack of maintenance activity of the plugin. Also the symantecssl python library is not generally available and the plugin has never been tested in upstream.

  • The following database options in the [DEFAULT] section were renamed and moved to the [database] section.

    • [DEFAULT] sql_connection was renamed to [database] connection

    • [DEFAULT] sql_idle_timeout was renamed to [database] connection_recycle_time

    • [DEFAULT] sql_max_retries was renamed to [database] max_retries

    • [DEFAULT] sql_retry_interval was renamed to [database] retry_interval

    • [DEFAULT] sql_pool_size was renamed to [database] max_pool_size`

    • [DEFAULT] sql_pool_max_overflow was renamed to [database] max_overflow

Security Issues