Victoria Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Added two options for the PKCS#11 Crypto Plugin: [p11_crypto_plugin]/token_serial_number and [p11_crypto_plugin]/token_label. Both are optional and can be used instead of [p11_crypto_plugin]/slot_id to identify the Token to be used by the PKCS#11 plugin. When either one of the new options is defined the plugin will search all slots on the PKCS#11 device for a token that matches the given value. token_serial_number has the highest precendence and other values will be ignored when this value is set. If token_serial_number is not set, then token_label has the next highest precedence and slot_id will be ignored. slot_id will be used when neither one of the new options is set.

  • The hsm subcommand for the barbican-manage command line tool no longer requires any parameters at run time. If any value used by the PKCS#11 value is needed it will be taken from /etc/barbican/barbican.conf. You may continue to specify any values on the command line, and those will take precedence over the values specified in barbican.conf, so any existing scripts that use barbican-manage should continue to work as expected.


Upgrade Notes

  • Default for auto_db_create has been changed to False (was True). This is a change compared to the previous behavior, but required to protect production deployments from performing upgrades without control. If you wish to keep the auto db creation/upgrade behavior, change this to True in your configuration.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Story # 2007732: Migrations broken on MySQL 8.x.