Kilo Series Release Notes

Key New Features

  • Support for Federated authentication via Web Single-Sign-On – When configured in keystone, the user will be able to choose the authentication mechanism to use from those support by the deployment. This feature must be enabled by changes to to be utilized. The related settings to enable and configure can be found here.

  • Support for Theming – A simpler mechanism to specify a custom theme for Horizon has been included. Allowing for use of CSS values for Bootstrap and Horizon variables, as well as the inclusion of custom CSS. More details available here

  • Sahara UX Improvements – Dramatic improvements to the Sahara user experience have been made with the addition of guided cluster creation and guided job creation pages.

  • Launch Instance Wizard (beta) – A full replacement for the launch instance workflow has been implemented in AngularJS to address usability issues in the existing launch instance workflow. Due to the late inclusion date and limited testing, this feature is marked as beta for Kilo and not enabled by default. To use the new workflow, the following change to is required: LAUNCH_INSTANCE_NG_ENABLED = True. Additionally, you can disable the default launch instance wizard with the following: LAUNCH_INSTANCE_LEGACY_ENABLED = False. This new work is a view into future development in Horizon.

  • Nova

    • Allow service disable/enable on Hypervisor

    • Migrate all instances from host

    • Expose serial console

  • Cinder

    • Cinder v2 by default

    • Managed/Unmanaged volume support – allows admin to manage existing volumes not managed by cinder, as well as unmanage volumes

    • Volume transfer support between projects

    • Volume encryption metadata support

  • Glance

    • View added to allow administrators to view/add/update Glance Metadata definitions

  • Heat

    • Stack Template view

    • Orchestration Resources Panel

    • Suspend/Resume actions for Stacks

    • Preview Stack view allows users to preview stacks specified in templates before creating them.

  • Trove

    • Resizing of Trove instances – changing instance flavor

  • Ceilometer

    • Display IPMI meters values from Ceilometer

  • New Reusable AngularJS widgets in Horizon:

    • AngularJS table implementation

      • Table drawers – expandable table content

      • Improved client/server search

    • Transfer table widget

  • Configurable web root for Horizon beyond just ‘/’

Known Issues

Upgrade Notes

  • Django 1.7 is now supported.