Current Series Release Notes


New Features

  • A new setting OPENSTACK_USE_SIMPLE_TENANT_USAGE was introduced as a replacement of SimpleTenantUsage in the deprecated OPENSTACK_NOVA_EXTENSIONS_BLACKLIST setting. This new setting controls whether SimpleTenantUsage nova API is used in the usage overview. According to feedbacks to the horizon team, the usage of SimpleTenantUsage can cause performance issues in the nova API in larger deployments. Try to set this to False for such cases.

Upgrade Notes

  • Deprecated opensatck_dashboard/wsgi/django.wsgi is removed. If you still use it, please change your configuration to use openstack_dashboard/ now.

  • The legacy way to retrive neutron resource usages was dropped and horizon now assumes the quota_details neutron API extension implemented in Pike release (over three years ago), so we expect this is available in all Wallaby neutron deployments.

  • OPENSTACK_NOVA_EXTENSIONS_BLACKLIST setting is now dropped. If you specify SimpleTenantUsage in this setting, consider setting OPENSTACK_USE_SIMPLE_TENANT_USAGE to False instead. For other effective values in this setting, no replacement is provided as nova provides all features in recent versions of nova API. Note that you can enable/disable table actions via policy rules.

  • Password forms in horizon now does not strip leading/trailing spaces included in input passwords. Previously horizon stripped leading/trailing spaces in input passwords but on the other hand keystone accepts leading/trailing spaces and it can be an issue when such passwords are set via keystone API. To handle this situation horizon no longer strips leading/trailing spaces in passwords. See [bug 1861224] and the related mailing thread for more detail. (Note that this change is part of horizon 18.5.0 release but we forgot to mention it.)

  • Considering the deprecation of OPENSTACK_NOVA_EXTENSIONS_BLACKLIST, set a new setting OPENSTACK_USE_SIMPLE_TENANT_USAGE to False if you specify SimpleTenantUsage in OPENSTACK_USE_SIMPLE_TENANT_USAGE