Newton Series (1.3.0 - 1.5.x) Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Limits the memory usage of qemu-img convert command to 1 GiB to avoid it from causing the host machine to fail due not enough ram.


Bug Fixes

  • Fix LLDP discovery to not fail completely when odd number of bytes is received in an LLDP package.

  • Fix raw sockets code to properly propagate exceptions to a caller instead of silencing them and returning None (causing failures later).


New Features

  • Add ‘vendor’ and ‘product’ fields to interfaces data for future use in Ironic Inspector.

  • Add a new cleaning step called “erase_devices_metadata” to the generic hardware manager which is responsible for destroying the metadata on the disk devices (partition tables, signatures, file-system identifications, etc…).

  • Use new Ironic agent API (added in API version 1.22) when it’s available.

  • Extend the root device hints to identify whether a disk is rotational or not.

Bug Fixes

  • Upon initialization of the agent, an attempt to identify and initialize any configured hardware iSCSI initiators is performed prior to detecting disks.

  • Fixed incorrect invocation of “select” which could cause LLDP collection to hang under certain conditions.

Other Notes

  • When building the TinyIPA ramdisk, it is now possible to enable SSH access to it. Use ENABLE_SSH and SSH_PUBLIC_KEY environment variables for that (see TinyIPA’s README for more details).