Current Series Release Notes

Current Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • The lshw output no longer pollutes the debug logging. Instead, it’s stored as part of the ramdisk logs.

  • Fixes the missing ipv6 module for TinyCore based IPA images which are used in CI testing.


New Features

  • Add the hostname to the introspection data. This will likely be the hostname as set by the DHCP server.

  • IPv6 BMC address is now discovered during inspection and sent as a new bmc_v6address inventory field.

  • Supports fetching baremetal and baremetal introspection endpoints from mDNS instead of providing them via kernel parameters or a configuration file. See story 2005393 for more details.

  • Adds support for software RAID via the generic hardware manager. By means of the target_raid_config a single RAID-1 or one RAID-1 plus one RAID-N can be configured (where N can be 0, 1, and 1+0). The RAID is created/deleted during manual cleaning. Note that this initial implementation will use all available devices for the setup of the software RAID device(s).

Upgrade Notes

  • When no baremetal API URL is provided (e.g. via the ipa-api-url kernel parameter), ironic-python-agent now tries to get the URL using mDNS service discovery.

Bug Fixes

  • Supports channel numbers 1 to 11 when looking for a BMC address. This is consistent with the IPMI specification v2.0. Previously, only channels 1 to 7 were considered.

  • Mounts /run into chroot when installing bootloader to prevent timeouts.

  • Fixes an issue with retrieving all available physical memory. For more details see story 2005308.

  • Fixes an issue that md5 checksum is still required in the image information when os_hash_algo and os_hash_value are present. The checksum field is now optional, while os_hash_algo and os_hash_value fields must be set if the checksum field is not provided.

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