Current Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Adds a deploy step clean_uefi_nvram to remove unrequired extra UEFI NVRAM boot entries. By default any entry matching HD as the root device, or with a shim or grub efi file in the path will be deleted, ensuring that disk based boot entries are removed before the new entry is created for the written image. The match_patterns parameter allows a list of regular expressions to be passed, where a case insensitive search in the device path will result in that entry being deleted.

  • For a long time block device information originating form lsblk and udev was handled in a mutually exclusive way during root disk selection. The new mix and match approach allows IPA to collect and match disk serial and wwn root device hints against values coming from both lsblk and udev at the same time. The mix and match approach is necesarry to handle edge cases where the serial and/or wwn information is different in lsblk compared to udev.

  • Add attached USB device auto discovery. The information is retrieived from lshw tool and store in introspection data result.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where configuration drive volumes which are mounted by the operating system could remain mounted and cause a lock to be held, which may conflict with actions such as rebuild. The agent now always makes sure the folder used by Glean and Cloud-init is not mounted.

  • Adds support for disks with 4096 sector size when cleaning disk metadata. Previously, only 512 sector size disks were supported.