Current Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The deploy.erase_devices_metadata clean step can now also be used as a deploy step.

  • Introspection of PCI devices now collects PCI class, revision and PCI bus.

  • Adds a Poll extension which provides the ability to retrieve hardware information as well as set node data from API. This feature is required for poll mode deployment driven by ironic.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes the return value of the apply_configuration deploy step: the agent RAID interface expects the final RAID configuration to be returned.

  • Fixes an issue where the bootloader installation can fail on a software RAID volume when no root_device hint is set. See Story 2007905

  • Fixes an issue with the ironic-python-agent where we would call to setup the bootloader, which is necessary with software raid, but also attempt to clean up iSCSI. This can cause issues when using the direct deploy_interface. Now the agent will only clean up iSCSI connections if iSCSI was explicitly started. For more information, please see story 2007937.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes deployment failures when the image download is interrupted mid-stream while the contents are being downloaded. Previously retries were limited to only opening the initial connection.

  • Fixes the short timeout retries interval, which was previously 5 seconds, to a length that will allow the agent to retry after a network interruption. The time between retries is now 10 seconds, and the number of retries are set to 9 to help ensure intermittent network outages do not cause recoverable failures.

  • Fixes an issue with high cpu usage caused by ironic-python-agent greenthread eventlent implementation.

    Using eventlet.sleep(0.1) instead of eventlet.sleep(0) gives other processes of IPA more cpu time to run.

  • Speeds up going from inspection to cleaning with fast-track enabled by caching hardware information between the steps.

  • Fixes serializing exceptions originating from ironic-lib. Previously an attempt to do so would result in a TypeError, for example: Object of type ‘InstanceDeployFailure’ is not JSON serializable.

  • Fixes failure to detect a hung file download connection in the event that the kernel has not rapidly detected that the remote server has hung up the socket. This can happen when there is intermittent and transient connectivity issues such as those that can occur due to LACP failure response hold-downs timers in switching fabrics.


Bug Fixes

  • Provides timeout and retries when establishing a connection to download an image in the standby extension. Reduces probability of an image download getting stuck in the event of network problems.

    The default timeout is 60 seconds and can be set via the ipa-image-download-connection-timeout kernel parameter. The default number of retries is 2 and can be set via the ipa-image-download-connection-retries parameter.